Sexual Enhancement Review Sites Exposed

If you buy sexual enhancement supplements often you have probably come across a few certain “review” sites that defame SemenRx and talk about it in a negative way.

This is because these types of websites are backed by sponsors that pay them for referring customers to their sites, usually with high commissions of about 40% – 50% of the sale or even higher for larger sites that can send them more visitors. So of course they are going to do anything it takes to get you to the sponsor’s site to buy their product instead because it means money in their pocket.

Since SemenRx does not pay people to write dishonest and false reviews we suffer from unethical webmasters that give our product a bad review in order to make their sponsor’s products look superior when in fact, they are just more expensive.

This is because they want you to go to the sponsor’s website and spend big bucks so they can fatten their wallet at your expense.

SemenRx has even been knocked by one review site for being honest and disclosing the possible side effects that supplements can cause.

(Be aware of sites that claim their “superior” products do not have any side effects because they are natural. This is completely false! All natural supplements can cause some kind of side effects, especially if not taken properly or as directed)

Review Site Facts

– Review sites will not disclose any information about possible side effects or anything negative about their sponsor’s products. This is because they do not want to scare you away since it would mean not cashing in on your purchase.

– Most review sites are dishonest and never have even seen our touched any of the products that they have “reviewed.” Kind of hard to give an honest review on products you never even used before.

– A lot of review sites are actually owned by product manufacturers. Of course they will make their product look superior to their competitor’s products.

– Review sites will give the best reviews to the products that pay them the most money. The “Featured Product” section of review sites usually go to the products that pay the higher commissions. The ones that rank products on their site usually rank them accordingly by the commission amount. The more the commission paid, the higher the sponsor’s products are ranked.

So how do you know a review site is supported by sponsors? Well other than the fact that all review sites are, there are also other ways to tell. The easiest way to tell is when you get to the actual company (that sells the product) website you will see a link at the bottom of their page for “Affiliates” or “Webmasters.”

Another way to tell is when you see a review site paying for advertising (right side of and other search engines search results and top featured links). You have to pay Google, Yahoo!, and Bing! a lot of money for those links. No one would buy those links if they weren’t being compensated from your purchases. You will usually find these types for review sites when you do a search for a product and see sponsored links titled something like “Do Not Buy Product X!” They are paying the search engines for your visit to their website which in turn gives the product you just search for a bad review in order to make the products that pay them the big bucks look better so you buy that product instead… making a commission off of you.

Claims Review Sites Use:

This product does not have any side effects whatsoever and is completely safe since it is an all-natural supplement.
(As mentioned above… completely false)

This product is more expensive because it works!
(Actually it is more expensive because the sponsors need the money to pass onto the review sites! No kidding… If a company charges $59 for the same type of product and pays the review sites 50%… just do the math!)

This products is backed by [insert porn star name]
(Ok, so they paid a porn star to endorse their product… big deal. We all know that porn stars are ethical and will never lie about anything to make a quick buck, right?)


Give SemenRx a try and be the judge for yourself. Don’t let these unethical review site owners influence your purchasing decisions with false reviews and claims. At the end they are only trying to make money for themselves. Once you make the purchase the sponsor pays them and they have the money, that they made off of you, to keep forever. They are not looking out for your best interest.

We would rather get our customers ethically and honestly instead of trying to fool everyone into buying our product by paying dishonest review sites money to push them with false information.

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If you are considering buying elsewhere be sure to read guarantee policies carefully. A lot of companies brag about having such great guarantee policies but yet hide things in their terms of sale that make it impossible to actually use the policy.
Read Guarantee Policies Carefully

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