Low Semen Production

Low semen volume is a condition, in men, which a less than normal amount of semen is produced in each ejaculation. Because there is an inadequate amount of fluid to bring the sperm in contact with the cervix, this condition can cause fertility problems.

Occasional low semen production is normal. However if the issue persists on a regular basis then medical treatment may be necessary if you wish to conceive or simply increase semen production.

Normal Semen Volume

Normal semen production is described as 1 to 5.6 milliliters (mL) per ejaculation. Abnormally low (less than 1 ml) or high (more than 5.6 ml) semen volumes can cause fertility problems. High semen volume (hyperspermia) can also cause fertility problems because the sperm is diluted with excess seminal fluid.

Causes of Low Semen Production

Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, not getting enough exercise, and many other health related things can cause a male to produce a low amount of semen.

A couple simple lifestyle changes such as quit smoking, quit drinking, exercising, etc… can make a big difference in your semen volume production.

Low Semen Production Help

SemenRx is naturally formulated to help men improve low semen production and increase semen volume. SemenRx may be a good alternative to prescription drugs.

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